What sanctions are the world champions exposed to? From 30,000 euros to 15 years without playing

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An unknown abyss: What’s happening? For the first time in the history of Spanish sport, several players can be called up by the soccer team after explicitly renouncing to play for it. Before there were other desertions, from the footballers Nacho Fernandez y Oleguer Presas to the Catalan roller hockey team for the 2005 B World Cup, but none of them had any consequences: Spain never called them and thus their files were closed. This time it’s different. The world champions who could appear on the list this Friday Montse Tomé for next week’s Nations League they now face legislation that could even keep them off the field.

The Sports Law of 2022, in its article 23, emphasizes that they are obliged to appear next Monday at the Las Rozas Football City, even if they do not want to. “It is the obligation of federated athletes to attend the calls of the national sports teams for participation in international competitions, or for the preparation thereof,” says the Spanish rule, which finds echo in the international arena. FIFA, in article 3 annex 1 of its Regulations on the status and transfer of players, confirms that “as a general rule, every footballer registered in a club is obliged to respond affirmatively to the call to be part of one of the teams.” representatives of the association of the country whose nationality he holds.

According to Spanish Law, a summoned athlete who does not appear with the team commits a very serious infraction, according to article 104, and this type of offense has several punishments included in article 108. From a “fine of not less than 3,000 euros nor exceeding 30,000 euros” until the “suspension of the federative license for a period between two and 15 years.” Therefore, if there is no prior negotiation, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) could denounce those absent and begin a process that ends in a severe penalty for them.

Another thing is what will happen with the selection. In the midst of the battle between the players and the RFEF, Spain must face Sweden on Friday the 22nd in Gothenburg and Switzerland on Tuesday the 26th in Córdoba – ticket sales begin this Friday – and their absence in those matches is a option. According to article 26 of the Nations League, if a team does not appear for a match, it will lose the match and the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body will study the case to impose a punishment such as disqualification from the competition or loss of its income.

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