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Actress and member of the 3v1 entertainment trio Veronika Arichteva (35) talked on the networks about motherhood and any other offspring. The mother of the adorable son Luke Christ, who will soon be celebrating a year, would not resist another baby at all.

Favorite herečka Veronika Arichteva almost a year ago, she gave birth to her adorable son Luke Christ.

Biser Arichtev she still has a child from a previous relationship, but Veronika confided on social networks that she would definitely not resist another child.

If anything surprised me about motherhood, it was that I wanted another baby, “Veronika replied to one of her followers.

As a large family, we probably won’t be able to do it completely, but I’d like one more piece, “was another answer to a similar question.

But the actress also admits that motherhood is not always honey. “I really miss sleep now. I’ll never get used to it. But I have a babysitter and a husband who will take Luka off my back in the morning and sometimes return in a few hours, “he adds.


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