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The President of the Republic went Tuesday evening to the prefecture of the Haute-Loire, in Puy-en-Velay, burned on Saturday. But first, Emmanuel Macron met "yellow jackets". With them he talked about fuel, the decline in public services and purchasing power.

In Puy-en-Velay, Emmanuel Macron met with yellow jackets with whom he talked about fuel, the decline in public services and purchasing power. © Maxppp / Manuel Cladière

Before arriving in the prefecture, Emmanuel Macron got out of his car a few hundred meters. In the first car he meets, a yellow jacket clearly visible on the windshield, three people, who immediately discussed with the president questions about purchasing power, on the price of fuel.

These three interlocutors reminded him of the distances to travel from Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Etienne or Lyon. Also the decline of public services, with the feeling that the taxes paid are not fair because they no longer benefit from these public services.

A wild minority who wants to make everything flamboyant

Then there was this couple. Main appeal: work does not pay. None of them can progress in life. At the beginning he was fierce, visibly nervous, then more peaceful, according to a conclusion from the President that he managed to calmly explain the decisions he made, including the moratorium announced by his prime minister.

On the other hand, those who arrested him, conspired to leave the prefecture, Emmanuel Macron do not consider them as "yellow jackets". To his relatives, he said he was a crazy minority who wants to do everything flambé. Before adding that with "them, dialogue has become impossible".

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