What time do we find the results of the vote on Thursday?


Uthe terms of the "flextension" granted to the United Kingdom, as soon as the Brexit agreement is approved, the United Kingdom will cease to be a member of the EU and therefore will not need to have MEPs.

It is also possible that the members of the United Kingdom will have to appear in the European Parliament on 2 July, dissolve on 25 July and then make a well-paid holiday in August, before reconvening on 2 September.

Parliament does not formally meet after the summer break until 16 September and will spend the next two or three months appointing a new Commission. All this time the UK is free to leave as soon as it has passed the Brexit divorce agreement.

What happens then? Should the entire European Parliament not be re-elected?

No. The current European Parliament has 751 seats, of which 73 are for British Members. The composition of the Parliament will remain for as long as the United Kingdom remains a member of the EU.

As soon as the UK separates, it will have to be reconstituted, becoming a Parliament of 705 seats, with 27 seats in the UK that will be reassigned to other EU nations to rebalance the Parliament.

Spain and France get five more places, Italy and Holland get three, Ireland two and a myriad of other states – Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Sweden, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Poland – receive another seat.



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