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What time is the age of 20 and under six for curfew? When is the permission to go out between the ages of 15-20?

The expected day has come for those under 20 who have been curfewed due to the Corona virus. Curfew measures were taken for 20 years and under in our country due to the corona virus that swept the whole world. People under the age of 20, who have been at home since April 4, 2020, will be able to go out to the street at specified times today. So what time will the permission to go out under the age of 20 start and end at what time? What are the conditions for curfew under 20?


After the cabinet meeting held recently, decisions regarding the curfew under 20 were taken. According to this; Curfew Children 14 and under 14 on Wednesday, May 13th; Young people between the ages of 15-20 are on Friday, May 15, between 11.00-15.00. They will be allowed to go out as an exception, provided that they are limited to walking distance between them, complying with the social distance rule and wearing a mask.



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