What to expect from a used Volkswagen Golf V?


The "German" has many problematic moments, but they can and must be fought.

This was told by a motorist in his blog on the "doorposts" of popular cars. Volkswagen Golf V seemed to him one of the most reliable cases that had been spent on the market for 10 years or more, but in reality not everything was so rosy. Even taking into account the fact that in the secondary market the demand for fifth-generation golf continues to be quite high, many drivers have no idea which car is best to take.

First of all, the blogger invited not to even look in the direction of Volkswagen Golf with DSG, if the car is over 10 years old. There is an extremely great risk of incurring a "capricious" transmission, in which the electronic control unit will fail constantly, regardless of how much the owner of the "German" would give for his repair – in particular the electricity of the old VAG cars.

"With the DSG, you can only drive the first 100,000 km without problems, so look carefully at the mileage when choosing a car, because the repair prices are drawn on horseback," says the author of the video, adding that even the manual does not do without problems. A twin bearing or even a two-mass flywheel can fail: both of these problems are characterized by the appearance of unpleasant noises while driving.

As for power units, it's also easy to make the right choice. If the Volkwagen Golf V engine with the FSI system, it is not necessary to take it, if the buyer obviously does not want to change the timing chain every 150,000 km and the tensioner is a couple of times thicker. The best option would be MPI 1.6, but MPI 1.4, explains the driver, is not so bad if it comes to terms with the difficult start of the "cold" engine.

On the chassis, it is extremely difficult to say something unexpected. Suspension Volkswagen Golf of the fifth generation has managed to settle in Russia in the best way, thanks to which the Golf has even begun to be compared to a strong and reliable German tank, but now everything is not so positive: "Prepare to fly silent blocks and the wear of the rack. In general, you can buy golf, you just have to remember what to expect from everything. "



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