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Adel Imam, son of the Egyptian actor, participated in his sit-in on the site of "Ingram" on Friday with photos of the Turkish actress Mariam Ozerli, known as "Sultan Hoyam".

The actor Mohamed Imam said that Ozerli went to visit him, in the corridors of the filming of his latest film "Thief of Baghdad".

The images of Mohamed Imam and Sultan Hoyam were perplexed by fans of the Egyptian actor who asked him in the comments whether he would collaborate with him in the film or not.

It is reported that photos of Mohammed Imam with Mary Ozerli have irritated the company "Synergy" producer of the film "Thief of Baghdad", because they refuse to participate in the work, while insisting on his presence as a guest of honor.

The film "Baghdad Thief" with Mohamed Imam, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, President Yasmin, Salah Abdullah and Ahmed Rizk, written by Tamer Ibrahim, directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa, and the production of "Singer Films".

Mohamed Imam returns to the screen of the "Baghdad Thief" again, from his latest film "Hell in India", which was screened in cinemas in 2016.



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