What was the first television commercial?

The first commercial in history was broadcast during an MLB game

DRAFTING. People often carry in their minds and hearts thousands of shows and movies they saw on the go. TVBut, if you watched TV, you had to see millions of commercials throughout your life.

Have you ever wondered which was the first. Here we tell about that emblematic moment in the history of the media.

July 1, 1941, chain WNBT began broadcasting the baseball game that pitted the Brooklyn Dodgers against the Philadelphia Phillies.

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It was 2:30 in the morning, when in the lower right corner, in a small box, a poster appeared for ten seconds announcing the Bulova watches, with a voice-over reading the advertisement.

That very brief appearance became the first TV commercial in history. The voice-over said: “America run is Bulova Time”, that is, America works with Bulova time.

How much did it cost?

In total it cost 9 dollars, 4 were for the publication and 5 for using the facilities. The WNBT, which we know today as WNBC, had started its broadcasts just a few days before, June 30, 1941, in the evening, with a boxing match.

Perhaps by current standards the ad seems more like a nightmare than a commercial that wants to sell you something. But someone had to give the first step.

Nowadays, you may not be able to get a brand name or the catchy song that accompanied the commercial for those donuts out of your mind. But everything has a beginning.

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