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European Union congratulates the Bolivian people for an electoral day “participatory and in peace”

The delegation of the European Union in Bolivia through a statement congratulated the Bolivian people this Saturday “for having starred in a peaceful and participatory electoral day.”

The EU message also invites to avoid “any provocation or violent action that damages or attempts to distort the current electoral process.”

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Interim President of Bolivia asks “patience” to political parties and citizens

The interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, asked political parties and citizens this Sunday for “patience” while the official results of the election day are known.

Through a message on the national network, Áñez also asked the population to respect the law, not commit violent acts and advocated for national unity.

“I assure you: we will have credible results, let’s be patient,” said the interim president.

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Evo Morales asks that “the result of the elections be respected by all”

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, on Sunday called on the population and political parties to wait with “tranquility” for all the votes in the elections to be counted.

In a press conference from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Morales also asked that “the result of the elections be respected by all.”

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Elections in Bolivia 2020: everything you need to know

Credit: Joao Castellano / Getty Images

With the legacy of traumatic October 2019 election, The challenge of an electoral day in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic is added to the scene.

A crucial election after the serious political and social crisis that broke out almost a year ago after opposition parties questioned the interruption of the rapid counting of votes and accused Evo Morales of trying to change the trend of the vote of the provisional count, which outlined a second round against the candidate Carlos Mesa.


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