What will be your week: Horoscope from 6 to 12 January 2019


The signs reveal the path to love and money …

Aries – from 21/3 to 20/4

Love: strong bonds of affection and loyalty. Do not hesitate to plan a trip for two. His people share good news that seal the union.

Money: you will be inflexible with those who cross your path to success. Defend your territory but do not overdo it.

Key of the week: although the logic indicates an address; Intuition wins.

Toro – from 21/4 to 21/5

Love: clarity in business but blindly in love. Think very well on which way to go. Something unexpected will come to light from one day to the next.

Money: do not leave your responsibilities to anyone. Mercury strengthens your finances.

Key for the week: if you act with respect, your colleagues will support you.

Gemini – from 22/5 to 21/6

Love: goodbye to prejudices. In front of Venus it reinforces seduction and empathy. If they give you a security that compromises you, discretion.

Money: very slow development in every new activity. You will have to be more patient and responsible than usual.

Key for the week: avoid competing with your superiors.

Cancer: from 22/6 to 22/7

Love: Venus in Sagittarius interrupts the dialogue that was beginning to take place in the couple. Some crazy fantasies are going to be reality.

Money: good luck with your numbers. The high work competition leads him to excel.

Key of the week: get away from someone who humiliates another in your presence.

Leo – from 23/7 to 23/8

Love: Strange stage in which your interlocutor will ask for freedom instead of a greater commitment. It will be a complicated week but it will all be for the best.

Money: you will be lucky in the game and in the profession as little luck in love. Put all your documents in order.

Key of the Week: It will reap the prosperity it has sown.

Virgin – from 24/8 to 23/9

Love: unlimited resources so this week is very romantic. Friends of the soul are happy sharing plans. Listen to them and you will be distracted.

Money: progress and power will be gifts for your sign. Before a transition period. Set the limits to those who bother you.

Key of the week: discretion. Not everyone is happy with the success of others.

Balance: from 24/9 to 23/10

Love: a friend helps him to open his eyes. The important thing is to get to know each other in order to choose it responsibly. I find.

Money: your acute vision of the future will encourage those who are about to give up their desire and think of dedicating themselves to something else.

Key of the week: instead of competing, try the sharing option.

Scorpio – from 10/24 to 11/23

Love: for the first time in a long time, in the matter of love you will feel bound hands and feet. The adverse Venus indicates that it will fight against prejudices.

Money: you will know how to overcome everything and take advantage of a high-risk situation. Stop your abusive colleagues already.

Key for the week: if you do not respect it, it's time to say goodbye.

Sagittarius – from 11/24 to 12/22

Love: his sign is blessed because Venus accompanies him. Use your gifts to seduce, reconcile or even leave without pain.

Money: regular in economic time but good for incorporating knowledge and techniques. They give advice but not money.

The key to the week: the second parts never went well. Let go of what it was.

Capricorn – from 23/12 to 20/1

Love: without personal stimulation while in business it will be a week of action and a good income. Fellowship in stable pairs.

Money: as a result of its push, a project that was in the portfolio starts to work. Mercury in its sign gives impetus.

The key of the week: Illusion too is a double-edged sword. Watch out

Aquarium – from 21/1 to 19/2

Love: it is an ideal stage to meet with a similar spirit to start a long journey together. Venus fosters love and friendship.

Money: the dilemma of the week is to know when to advance and when to stop. The work brings a lot of satisfaction.

Key of the week: your social success will be based on listening to the other.

Fish – from 20/20 to 20/3

Love: chaos in its surroundings even if fortunately the heart remains stable. A problem of this period will be jealousy; avoid them. Try to talk.

Money: the good news is that work will help you not to think about private matters that distress you. Socialize.

The key to the week: talk enough when you're not willing to talk.

By: Kirón



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