What will Gallardo think? Zielinski made him a seductive proposal

The Argentina Selection of Lionel Scaloni He made his first presentations after a long time and the DT had several twists and turns. But for some coaches there is someone who should take command: Marcelo Gallardo. Ricardo Zielinski, technical director of Atlético Tucumán, spoke about the present of Scaloni and who would like him to take over the country’s first team.

He Russian Zielinski stressed that he did not like the work he did Lionel Scaloni. Emphasizing that “it is not necessary to summon so many players.” Although, that was not all. Rather, the Atlético Tucumán DT proposed a new technical director who surprised everyone. “I did not like how Scaloni He came to the Argentine National Team, I would have preferred Gallardo ”, he assured in dialogue with radio Rivadavia.

Despite the problems that intersect with Gallardo Y Zielinski in March due to the absence of River in the first match of the Super League Cup. The Russian made it clear that for him Marcelo gallardo It should be in the Argentine National Team. The Doll repeatedly assured that he has no interest in leaving Rivis. And that is the product of the work he has been doing at the Millionaire.

Marcelo gallardo was nominated by great soccer personalities worldwide to be part of renowned teams in Europe and even in the Argentina selection. But the DT ensures that for now he is still in the River. He still has a lot to do and apparently, until he does it, he will not step aside. Now the challenge is in the Copa Libertadores and the Professional League.

However, his qualities indicate that he could reach the selected one. Even, it is not a small thing that in the team that presented Scaloni there were several names that were taught by the Doll. Montiel, Martínez Quarta, Palacios, Alario, are some of those who worked alongside Gallardo in River and now they shine in the first AFA team that will prepare for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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