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TUSCANY WEATHER. Long-term weather forecast but not before giving a new look at the weather that is expected over the weekend:

next weekend will probably be more stable than the past days to date, therefore, more sun over all of Tuscany although residual clouds may develop locally in the afternoon capable of causing some modest showers, in some cases with a stormy background.

With a favorable forecast for the next 72 hours let’s see what could happen next week.

It is clear that, as if this were an anomaly, we will not have the African anticyclone to keep us company but rather, we will have a persistent low Atlantic flow with a high pressure field mainly positioned around the British Isles.

This situation will not be in favor of particularly stable weather conditions: in fact, a reinvigoration of the afternoon instability is expected with the possibility that thunderstorms will become a constant again starting from Monday and then recur on several occasions even in recent days.

Basically therefore, after a more “stable” break at the weekend, the end of the month should start to creak again with new opportunities for showers and thunderstorms.

We’ll see if that’s really the case. The premises are there.

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2023-05-25 19:16:57

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