What will happen to Bitcoin when it reaches 21 million coins?

Since Bitcoin was designed, its creator established that only 21 million coins will be mined. To date there are already 19.1 million in circulation.

Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the cryptocurrency that has the most users and enthusiasts worldwide, this despite the recent negative streak it has had in recent months, which has plummeted its price and, with it, also its profitability. mining.

Bitcoin mining is that action that basically consists of creating units of that cryptoactive, something that is achieved from complex computer processes and with high demands on computer equipment that carry out these processes.

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When the creator of the cryptocurrency, known as Satoshi Nakamoto, published the “white paper” of Bitcoin, it was learned that the project established that “only” 21 million units of that digital currency will be created, a sum that, more than a decade later, it is getting closer every day, since to date there are already 19.1 million in circulation.

But what will happen to that digital asset when that limit figure has been reached? An article published in Cointelegraph, a medium that spoke with Mohamed El Masri, a businessman in the mining sector, explains what that scenario could be.

A Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining farm is a large data center, with servers that demand high levels of electrical power. Photo: AFP

In the first instance, El Masri points out that the responsibility will fall on the “true” Bitcoin miners, that is, those who focus more on solving block chains than on creating new units.

The above because it is the miners who are in charge of processing each of the transactions that enter the Bitcoin Blockchain, something with which they obtain commissions.

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It is precisely these commissions that make the business profitable, however, experts in the field have previously pointed out that, once the last Bitcoin is mined, the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency for miners could fall.

And with it, the value of Bitcoin could even fall to zero, but it is a scenario that most enthusiasts do not want to believe, despite the fact that the downward trend has been very noticeable in recent months.

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