What will happen to the Family Emergency Income?

Although the government announced that they will not renew the State of Constitutional Exception, they assured that some of the economic aid measures will continue to be delivered.

The Government of Chile announced this Monday that will not renew the State of Emergency that governs our country since March 2020. Due to the good numbers of COVID-19 contagion, which have been decreasing for at least three months, and the high vaccination rate, the Ministry of Health reported that it will not be necessary to continue in a State of Exception.

With this different restrictive measures are ending, such as the curfew or the option to establish quarantines in different communes of the country, but also some benefits driven by the state, precisely because of the health situation, they could come to an end.

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The government assured that, despite the fact that the restrictive measures will be modified, most of the economic benefits will continue to be delivered even when it was previously established.

That is why the Emergency Family Income (IFE) will continue to reach beneficiary families, at least until November, as established by the government project and approved by Congress.

Unless the government seeks to extend this benefit, there are only three months left to deliver the IFE, that is, September, October and November.

Remember that in order to access this financial aid, you must belong to the Social Registry of Households and the benefit will come through the RUT Account of the State Bank or any other registered bank account. In addition, those who do not have electronic cards can receive their payment at the Los Héroes compensation box.

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Another of the economic aid that will remain in force will be the Labor IFE, the delivery of Fogape Credits, the support law for the non-cutting of basic services (until December 31) and the extension of the emergency postnatal period.


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