what will the new Varese city council look like

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With the re-election of Davide Galimberti the new Varese city council officially takes shape. Some changes are still possible, due to possible renunciations or the appointment of councilors, but the situation at the moment looks like this: with 20 majority councilors and 12 minority councilors.

There will still be 13 municipal councilors for the PD, including confirmations (7) and news (6): among the confirmations there are three outgoing councilors: Andrea Civati, city planning councilor e sample of preference in the party, Rossella Dimaggio, councilor for educational services and equal opportunities e Roberto Molinari, councilor for social services. With them they return to the council Luisa Oprandi, once again the most voted among women, and the former directors Francesca Ciappina, Giacomo Fisco e Luca Paris. They enter the council for the first time with the mayor Galimberti instead the very young and highly rated Matteo Capriolo, the equally young Helen Yildiz, first city councilor “second generation (she was born in Italy but is of Kurdish origin from Turkey), Luigi Miedico, Luca Battistella, Michele Di Toro e Domenico Marasciulo.

The councilors of Progetto Concittadino will pass from one to two: the new entry Maria Grazia D’Amico of Collettiv * and reconfirmed Enzo Laforgia. There are also two councilors from the new civic list “Let’s work for Varese with Galimberti mayor”: the former president of Molina Guido Bonoldi which has successfully ferried the largest RSA in Varese out of the Covid emergency e Nicoletta San Martino. Finally, for Varese Praticittà they will sit in the city council in three: Ivana Perusin “technical” councilor for economic development in 2016 and now elected as the first of those voted on his list, the councilor for young people and neighborhoods Francesca Strazzi and reconfirmed it Maria Paola Cocchiere.

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For the center-right in the city council will sit – and confirmed it immediately after the outcome of the vote – first of all the candidate for mayor Matteo Bianchi. then, for the League there are four places which, according to the numbers, are for the two regional councilors Emanuele Monti e Francesca Brianza, for the leaders – and indicated as candidate for mayor by the secretariat of the city of Varese – Barbara Bison, and for the very young former representative of the youth group of the league Stefano Angei.

For Varese with Bianchi Sindaco, the plank that united Forza Italia, Noi with Italia and Popolo della Famiglia, there are three places, for the most voted, all coming from the Forza Italia area: the two reconfirmed councilors Domenico Esposito (the most voted in absolute of these administrative) e Simone Longhini and the independent (with reference to the “People and cities” group) Luca Boldetti.

For Fratelli d’Italia enter the two most voted: Luigi Zocchi e Salvatore Giordano. For “For a Great Varese – Varese garden city” will enter the council Roberto Puricelli and for Varese Ideal he returns to the council Stefano Clerici.

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