What you need to know about the 1/4 Champions League finals, interesting facts


Ajax (Netherlands) – Juventus (Italy)

1. It is in "Ajax" that the top scorer of this Champions League match is played. Dusan Tadic with nine balls ahead Leo Messi is Robert Lewandowski, but Cristiano this time with goals is not much. Four balls in seven games and three of them in the return with the Athletic.

2. Leo bonucci after leaving Milan, he again became one of Juve's key players. In addition to the goalkeeper Szczęsny only he played all the matches in this Champions League – from the beginning to the end. All the games have also won Miralem Pyanich, but has been replaced several times during the game.

3. Throughout the history of the tournament* the teams exchanged five times. And in all these games Juventus won. The series was particularly sensitive towards the end of the 90's, when Juve left the Ajax untitled, winning the trophy in a penalty. A year later, and threw them out in the semifinals. The Dutch have something to avenge.

Liverpool (England) – Porto (Portugal)

4. Beating "Bavaria", "Liverpool" helped the entire British company to repeat the success of ten years ago. The English had the same number of clubs in the quarter-finals of the Champions League in the 2008/09 season. But anyway, Barça won.

5. If Porto moves to the next stage, Russia will have even less chance of maintaining the sixth position in the ranking of coefficients. Especially considering the fact that Benfica is one of the shadow favorites of the Europa League. We do not mention anything, but it would be better for Mo Salah to approach the game in better shape. Not like the World Cup.

Less one in the Champions League? Conditions in which this can happen

The worst performance in the European competition for nine years.

6. It was Porto that eliminated Liverpool last year before reaching the Champions League final. The defeat was delicate: Mane made a hat trick, which helped to dismantle the rivals in pieces. 0: 5 to the "Dragan" in the eyes of almost 50 thousand spectators – Porto has not forgotten that shame.

Tottenham Hotspur (England) – Manchester City (England)

7. The "Spurs" have repeated their best result in the history of the tournament. In 2011, they already played in the quarter-finals, while the team still played Roman Pavlyuchenko. "Real" threw them out of the tournament, but in this project he has already managed to fly out. And the Londoners have now Pochettino.

8. "We're still teenagers in the Champions League," Guardiola said before the game with Schalke and slammed 7: 0. In fact, the sheikhs' club is not new to the tournament and has already reached the semi-final in the 2015/16 season. And considering the style in which "City" became the champion last year, one can say this directly Pep cheats: his boys – a favorite.

9. During the years of confrontation in the Premier League, the clubs had already managed to bind each other, and then they would have to play one another three times in two weeks. First, in the Champions League, and a few days later otvetku also in the Premier League.

Barcelona (Spain) – Manchester United (England)

10. In the quarter-finals, Barcelona remained the only Spanish team in this Champions League. The unexpected departure of "Atletico" (after that and so the first game) and the resounding defeat of "Real" interrupted the long-term domination of the Spanish clubs. This has not happened to them since 2010.

11. For United, the quarter-final of the Champions League is an anomalous phase that the team has not been able to overcome for many years. Last time it happened in 2011: Sir Alex "MJ" reached the final and lost … Barcelona. Maybe it's time to close this circle?

12. The first match of this pair would be held in Spain, but due to the fact that "City" also proved to be a visiting team in the first match against the "spurs", UEFA beat everything. Perhaps it's not very fair to make such decisions after the fact – it's no secret that the first game at a party is easier for many to play. "City" came across another reason to talk about friendship with officials.

* – hereinafter referred to as the "tournament", the Champions League should replace the European Cup.


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