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What you should know about “Jumpy Jumpy”, the Facebook game that confuses users

Surely during your browsing on Facebook you have already come across “Jumpy Jumpy”, the game that has gone viral in recent days and confuses many for using their photos without consent.

As if that were not enough, the photos are accompanied by messages such as “do not be fooled by this person who appears in the photo. It is dedicated to killing children and cooking them ”, among other texts that attempt against the image and credibility of netizens.

Through the helix tower labyrinth by controling the bouncing ball.One-tap easy-to-learn controls, endless and intresting levels, and play with your friends.

Posted by Jumpy Jumpy on Monday, July 9, 2018

“Jumpy Jumpy” has been around since 2018, but it was during the COVID-19 quarantine that it became popular for its unique way of inviting users to try it out.

What is “Jumpy Jumpy” about?

The challenge of the game is a ball that slides down a tube. The participant must overcome obstacles in a certain time. The more obstacles you overcome, this will allow you to advance to new levels with greater degree of difficulty. The game is available exclusively on Facebook and is within a single click of “Tap to Play.”

Why does Jumpy Jumpy use your Facebook image to invite you to play?

If something has caused outrage among Facebook users, it is the use of their profile picture with controversial messages to invite others to play.

There are those who think that this invitation appears with their image in other profiles, but it is not. Everyone can see -from their personal Facebook profile- their own profile picture. And, if someone else sees the same post from their account, they will see their picture, not yours.

Different users, upon realizing it, share the game with a title that can range from funny content to offenses and, the moment someone shares it on their wall or in a Facebook group to which you belong, you will see your profile picture . This is how it has gone viral.

They take action

Due to the great annoyance that the game has generated, in Mexico, for example, the Attorney General of the State of Tabasco recommended that Facebook users ignore the publications where they feel alluded to and that they review the permissions they grant to the applications.

Through its official Twitter account, the Tabasco Prosecutor’s Office referred to the Facebook application and made it clear that many use it to “generate annoyance or anguish among users.” Given this, the institution also asks to ignore the offensive allusions.

In Puerto Rico, a group of netizens has joined a chain of messages to clarify alerting about the game.

“Attention. Circulate a game called ‘Jumpy Jumpy’ that takes your profile picture and puts it with a challenge with nasty posters that the person involved does not know. I do not participate. Copy and paste. Spread. I have not sent anything. If they see something, it wasn’t me ”, read the message.



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