What you should know before buying a television this Black Friday

In full confinement by Cvodi-19, Mayte and her husband went from being subscribed to Netflix to also signing up for HBO, Disney + and Filmin. At the same time, they changed the 35-inch television for a 55-inch television. “I remember going out to walk the dog on April evenings and notice that, on practically all the balconies, behind the ‘Everything will be fine’ banners, they shone never the lights of the televisions, very large, shared by entire families “, he explains.

“In the end, sitting all together to watch TV is something that we had almost forgotten with the rush and stress and that we have recovered in these months and will continue to do so,” adds Jose, Mayte’s husband. According to an analysis by Ymedia Vizeum, this October, television consumption has increased by 4% compared to last October and is around 4 hours a day.

“In the end, sitting all together to watch TV is something that we had almost forgotten in the rush and that we have recovered in these months”

In a country (and in a world) forcibly locked up at home due to a pandemic, it was decided to redecorate the house, place plants, make forecasts of some works in the bathroom or kitchen or buy a television with more features. All this, after being aware of how important it is to feel good at home, where we had spent so many hours lately. And something that could not be missing in that feeling good were leisure, distraction and culture: series, movies, concerts, video games …

The consumption of platforms streaming was consolidated during lockdown (Netflix alone gained 16 million subscribers). According to a comScore study, the average consumption per household of streaming increased 33% during the first ten days of May 2020, compared to the same period last year. At the same time, there are many who have opted for larger televisions, 55, or even 65 and 75 inches, leaving behind the 40 and 42.

If, like Mayte and her family, we also choose to renew the television for another one of greater size, resolution … Black Friday is a good option and this year we may prefer to avoid the crowds of large stores. An alternative is the one offered by the home appliance and electronics retailer My Electro, from whose website we can buy the television and receive it at home in 24 hours, at most.

This speed of service is possible because Mi Electro is a network of more than 350 stores close to our homes that function as meeting points between the warehouse and the end customer, without transport agencies involved. All products are shipped through our own transport and the same store is in charge of delivery and installation. A business model that wants to protect small businesses, a driver of the economy and sustainability.

An alternative for this Black Friday is the one offered by Mi Electro, from whose website we can buy the TV and receive it at home in 24 hours, at most

That is why it is also an alternative to online shopping on large platforms, whose service is impersonal. Buying in Mi Electro, the trusted expert grocer, offers us a premium service and the benefit of this purchase is for him, a true engine of the economy because local commerce represents 13% of GDP and is the sector that concentrates the most employment , 17%.

The latest in televisions with smart TV and 4k on offer

Aware that buying one television It is not an easy decision, Mi Electro offers an online customer service, in which any questions are immediately resolved. In its catalog you can choose between 3d, LED, 4k and UHD or fullHD televisions and any other type of television with the latest technologies, even LG’s OLED TV and 8k at the best price. What features do these latest screens offer?

YOU ARE It is the most premium range on a television, where the best viewing is achieved with pure blacks and much brighter colors. The price is above € 1,000 and we can find it here in brands such as LG, Sony, Philips and Panasonic.

QLED It is Samsung’s own technology, always a guarantee brand. They are its most premium televisions, with a panel that achieves a higher than average brightness and much more defined and vivid colors. The prices depend on the series, which goes from q60 (around € 800) and q95, (above € 1,500). You find them here.

The speed of the Mi Electro service is possible because it has a network of more than 350 stores close to our homes, without transport agencies involved.

Nanocell It is LG’s own technology. We could say that it is the category i lower than OLED, a medium-high range. We find affordable prices between € 500 and € 800 with optimal performance and viewing. It works through nanoparticles and is very similar to QLED technology, as you can see in this link.

Ambilight the Philips: It has nothing to do with the panel, but it is a very interesting addition. The LEDs on the back of the TV illuminate the wall depending on what is seen on the screen, achieving an incredible viewing effect with the lights off and also wrapping the films more. It’s exclusive to Philips and you find it here.

If at this point you are still not sure which television you are most interested in, here are some tips to help you. Panel technology will influence picture quality and in many cases determine the gamut of the television. If it is smart TV, Android TV will always be better because it will include all the applications and platforms and, in addition, it will be easier to navigate the Internet.

And, for this, it is essential to check that you have all the basic connections. For example, if it has HDMI input (and even how many), if they incorporate Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optical connection for efficient sound output. Once the decision is made, it only remains to receive the television. Upon bringing it home to you, the technician will unpack it, mount it on your support, it will tune the channels and it will be ready for you to enjoy that same day with your whole family.

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