What’s happening with Marina d’Or, the explanation behind the cancellations of reservations: "The season is over and now"

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In recent days those who had planned to visit Marina D’or, the holiday town located in Castellón, have been affected by the sudden cancellation of all reservations for de side of the company. Without prior notice and through emails and messages, those users who had reservations for after September 17, found out about the news and the refund of the money.

The tourist complex did not want to give any explanation as to the reason for the early closure and have only claimed that “the season is over and that’s it” without giving more details. A movement that occurs in the middle of the transfer of the conglomerate to Strong Group.

It is not the first time that the tourist complex located in Oropesa del Mar in Castellón decides to end the season early. In 2022 the holiday city closed on October 13, this year it was given a month earlier for all reservations after September 17.

According to the company, the clients affected by the early closure of the ‘Vacation City’ on the coast of the Valencian Community, who had reservations until the end of the year, have been contacted by the company to refund the amounts they had advanced.

From FACUA Consumers in Action indicate that all users affected by the early closure can claim the damages they have suffered as a result of the cancellation of their reservations.

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