What’s new in inbound marketing for 2021

2021 is expected to be the year in which the electronic commerce will reach the maximum eye, so in this article we are going to analyze the new techniques what can be key factors so that your business incorporates the best inbound marketing strategies.

Marketing specialists are managing to stay one step ahead of the new challenges that the globalized health situation has put us ahead, by build trust and credibility in business with their novel strategies.

The objective of inbound marketing for your web it is clear, use a more specific and adapted digital marketing approach to attract new potential customers, but without ceasing to retain your regular customers. This will make your business have better opportunities and therefore be more profitable.

If executed correctly, this marketing strategy can not only generate leads, but also offer a high return on investment long term for your business.

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Influencers and social networks

Influencers build social audiences very devoted to their social profiles since they produce attractive and quality content for specific audiences.

As a result, opinions that transmit are respected and can influence easily into the behaviors of a target audience. This feature interests many brands that also have a target of very specific clientele. By leveraging the influencer’s position, marketers create brand awareness, connect with customers in a natural way and promote their news.

Generate interactive content

Today on the internet there is a information overabundance, which is reducing the collective attention span of blog or news readers.

That is why passive content must be replaced by interactive content what connect directly both with the new digital generations and with the generations that are quickly leaving traditional trends behind to catch up.

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On the crest of the wave of interactive content we have the virtual reality (VR), a technology that is evolving at high speed due to its infinite applications and that during 2021 will be positioned as a reality in our lives.

The uses of artificial intelligence (AI)

Also from the point of view of innovative technologies, artificial intelligence will play an important role in inbound marketing efforts to provide personalized user experiences.

In other words, through this technology we can give the audience everything they ask for and need, and discard what is not by analyze consumer data. As a result, it is possible to deliver the right content to the right consumers at the right time to increase the reach of any campaign and generate quality traffic.

An example of this are the content recommendation widgets powered by AI, which suggest additional relevant content to a website visitor to incentivize exploration and discovery.

In this way, the content options are customized based on the actions and preferences of the visitor, so that each visitor to the website gets a unique experience that increases the commitment and ultimately the conversion.

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