What’s wrong with Minister Nadiem, Why Boycott & Asked to Be Removed


Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Anwar Makarim is in the spotlight, Mother. There were also parties who requested that Nadiem Makarim be removed from the Minister of Education and Culture. I wonder why?

The Ministry of Education and Culture created the Mobilization Organization Program (POP) which is part of the Merdeka Belajar Fourth Episode policy. Well, this program is one of the polemics.

Referring to the Ministry of Education and Culture Regulation No. 4 of 2020, the Mobilization Organization Program is a program to improve the competence of educators and education personnel. This program involves community organizations (CSOs) as partners that have an impact on improving student learning outcomes.

However, the two oldest mass organizations in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, withdrew from this program, Bunda. Followed by the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI).

Muhammadiyah and PBNU resigned because of protests about the criteria of CSR institutions that passed the selection. This organization also suggested that the selection results be reviewed again.

“There we are questioning whether the selection process is transparent. Now, if this is the case, Muhammadiyah is worried that this large and good program with a large budget is carried out by unscrupulous groups of people,” said Kasiyarno, Chair of the Basic & Secondary Education Assembly PP Muhammadiyah is quoted from detikcom.

PGRI withdrew from this program because of the allocation of funds in the midst of a pandemic. According to the General Chairperson of PGRI Unifah Rosyidi, the funds allocated for POP are more useful if used to help teachers, students, to infrastructure. Especially in the frontier, outermost, and backward regions.

As we know, there are many disadvantaged areas that cannot do distance learning (PJJ) during this corona pandemic, Mother. The obstacles start from the internet network to the financial ability of students.

Well, because of this chaotic POP, the National Mandate Party (PAN) asked President Jokowi to remove it Nadiem Makarim, Mother. Acting Chairperson of the DPR RI PAN Faction Saleh Partaonan Daulay initially said that Nadiem’s ​​policy had offended many parties.

“In this regard, the President was asked to immediately summon and ask for Nadiem Makarim’s explanation. In fact, the President was demanded to use his prerogative to replace Nadiem Makarim as Minister of Education and Culture,” Saleh said.

Saleh rate, Nadiem Makarim’s educational background and work are not in accordance with the education field. So, there needs to be someone who understands more about the problem of education in Indonesia.

However, reported CNN Indonesia, Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) who is also Deputy Speaker of the DPR Muhaimin Iskandar said, Nadiem does not need to be replaced if there is a cabinet reshuffle. According to Cak Imin, Nadiem needs to solve existing problems first, such as the matter of the Mobilizing Organization Program.

Although many parties said they had withdrawn from the program, Nadiem Makarim said he would continue to run it. Nadiem made a follow-up evaluation from POP because of input from various parties.

“I think that the refinement and further evaluation will be carried out after the government receives input from various parties. We all agree that the Mobilization Organization Program is a joint movement for the community to advance national education,” Nadiem Makarim was quoted as saying on YouTube RI Ministry of Education and Culture.

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