WhatsApp: attention! Already 25 million devices have been infected by the virus


"Agent Smith" is coming: a new virus mostly lurks on unrecognized Android devices.

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Be careful when using WhatsApp. The "Agent Smith" virus can be a danger here. It has already attacked 25 million devices.

Munich – A particularly bad virus currently affects Android devices in different parts of the world. Already 25 million devices would be affected. According to Israeli security company "Check Point", malware acts in the background, which is why Android users are completely innocent.

The virus can attack WhatsApp and other applications

Malicious software – dubbed "Agent Smith" by IT experts – disguises itself as a common app and hides behind free games or tools. After installation, the device will be cleaned for frequently used apps like WhatsApp. These applications will then be replaced by the virus app, after which the victims will be attracted with fraudulent ads and profits to kidnap in dubious sites.

Agent Smith virus: hackers can acquire bank data

Furthermore, the virus can intercept users and follow their position, as well as their movements and inputs. It also offers hackers the opportunity to access banking data. Most people affected – 15 million – come from India, as well as many other Android devices are infected in Pakistan and Bangladesh. But in other parts of the world, malware has already spread: so there are 300,000 cases in the United States, another 137,000 in the United Kingdom. At least for now, German users are safe.

"Check Point" reports that the transport app is predominantly Indian, Arab, Russian and Indonesian. It is said that the company discovered eleven apps with traces of malware in the Google Play Store. Apparently, the virus was created by an unspecified Chinese company in Guangzhou while it was working to allow Chinese Android developers to promote their apps on foreign platforms.

Danger for WhatsApp and Co. from the Chinese distribution site

Google has identified Chinese third parties as a central distribution point. In response, the apps would no longer be approved by Google. 9App has already been removed from the Google Play Store.

Here's how Android users can protect themselves from "Agent Smith"

Therefore, it is advisable to download apps only from reliable sources such as Google Play Store, even if this does not mean a 100% guarantee. Remedy also anti-virus programs. Jonathan Shimonovich of "Check Point Software Technologies" recommends always installing the latest Android version. The last update has already been updated accordingly.

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