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The WhatsApp for iOS beta introduces end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups. An additional welcome aspect in terms of respecting your privacy.

The applications mobiles for the most part still have a long way to go to protect personal data of their users. There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration. A fortiori for an application as intimate as an instant messaging application like WhatsApp. Today, this one makes one more step in a good way on iOS.

Apple regularly attaches great importance to efforts to protect the privacy of its customers and to tout the many features it introduces to strengthen this protection and the general security of its devices. However, did you know that, despite all these frequent claims, the Cupertino company does not offer end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups?

The apple brand has made it clear, several times, that these backups are indeed encrypted, but it was discovered that this encryption was not maintained from end to end. In other words, Apple has the keys necessary for encryption, and if the giant wishes, or if ordered, for example, it is able to decrypt the backups and access your content. The good news is that soon your WhatsApp conversations will remain fully protected, even when backed up to iCloud.

It was WABetaInfo that discovered the information. In the latest beta of WhatsApp for iOS, end-to-end encryption is active for backups stored in iCloud. This allows you to give the decryption keys to the owner of the account, in other words, you. So, in the event that someone gets access to one of your iCloud backups and is able to decrypt it, your WhatsApp conversations will remain safe.

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WhatsApp announced this feature last September and it looks like the company is now ready to test it in real conditions. No one knows, however, when it might come out of beta. This could happen very soon, or take a few months, depending on feedback from early adopters.

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