WhatsApp Gold vs Hacker, the latest version, its features, how to install and download it on your phones

Administrators of messaging applications are competing to provide everything new to serve users with the aim of attracting many new users of the application. A new version of the WhatsApp Gold application has been released that updates itself automatically without taking steps to download the update and download WhatsApp Gold 2021 for Android, the latest version, which is One of the instant messaging applications that many users rely on in order to communicate with friends all over the world, we present it to you today through our article and website educate me how to download WhatsApp Gold 2021, which is one of the best versions of the WhatsApp Gold application in general, as it has many advantages for use Which will make you fall in love with this app more than others.

How to install WhatsApp Gold Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 for Android against the ban, the latest version

Update Golden WhatsApp 9.40 and its features:

After announcing the latest update, through which videos can be sent after the user updates the download of the golden WhatsApp, the modern version of it, and the updated version for Android for free, the size is up to 800 MB, and this size is very good for the video and enjoy making group calls with your friends via voice and image as well, There are many, many advantages and characteristics, and we mention through this article these advantages, namely:

  1. Golden WhatsApp against the ban.
  2. The build is based on version 2.20, an extension of an automatic state greater than 30 seconds.
  3. Separate the Internet from WhatsApp.
  4. Privacy Hide appearance “hide the correct reading”.
  5. Prevent deleting messages you find in privacy.
  6. Turn off showing that you have seen the status.
  7. Preventing the display of the message transferred downloading the status.
  8. Copying the status is a privacy reserved for someone you find in the conversation between you and the person, click on his name
  9. Adding a conversation lock with a secret number (hide conversations).
  10. Play recordings automatically.
  11. Full night mode activation.
  12. Theme download issue has been resolved.
  13. Activate the autoresponder without being banned.
  14. Download WhatsApp status without any problems.
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How to install WhatsApp Gold Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 for Android against ban, latest version:

After you download WhatsApp Gold and go to install it, there are some steps that you must follow that we mention to you as follows:

  • You click on the “Install” button, and wait until the Golden WhatsApp, the latest version 2021, updated for Android, is downloaded for free on the device.
  • It will automatically show a sub-window in which it says WhatsApp dhabi 2021 has been installed or App has been installed.
  • Click on the Open button at the bottom of the sub-window, and the real WhatsApp Gold will be opened.
  • After opening the application, you will see the WhatsApp Gold 2021 page with many options, in which you must write personal data; Such as choosing the country, phone number and profile picture.
  • A new page will appear for you to confirm the data and ask you if the number is correct or if you want to modify it again, then press Next.
  • The interface of the WhatsApp Gold update will appear and you will find all the numbers of the mutual friends in the original WhatsApp application.

New features on WhatsApp Gold, the latest version:

WhatsApp Golden has introduced the modern and modified version and the latest version of several features in the application, the most important of which are:

  1. Adding the group messaging feature to groups.
  2. Possibility to change the location and color of the notifications.
  3. Get notifications when someone changes their profile picture.
  4. Added option to stop media auto-download.
  5. Activate the feature of self-hiding messages.
  6. Transfer messages to more than 250 people.
  7. Beautiful home screen effects for whatsapp.
  8. Modify and remove the floating button in the chat screen.
  9. The first golden WhatsApp update works with the interface version 10.
  10. Scroll down and up effects.
  11. Improved the look of the floating button in the chat screen.
  12. You can hide and show the floating button in chats.
  13. Show the full name in the bar if it is long.
  14. Fixed the night mode issue in the settings.
  15. Completely fix the WhatsApp crash problem.
  16. Raising a long case “The possibility of raising the case and cutting it automatically to the permissible limit.”
  17. The possibility of changing the style of the story.
  18. Use fingerprint to lock chats.
  19. Add a notification feature who viewed your status.
  20. Added preview and confirmation before sending the poster.
  21. Added option to delete downloaded emoji packs.
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Update: How to retrieve deleted messages between friends:

Since there are a large number of people who delete messages after sending them, but with this application; You can retrieve all messages that have been deleted through friends only. You must activate this feature by changing the settings, as this is done from within the privacy settings in this application. This feature enables you to retrieve any messages that have been deleted, so that your messages are not lost, and it also makes you keep your messages if you delete them by mistake, you must activate this feature directly if you want to retrieve any messages you lost as well. aFor WhatsApp Golden 2022 this feature is for its users, so many people accept to download it because of such features and also because there are many other wonderful and distinctive features.

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