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Don’t you want that person to find out that you don’t have them in WhatsAppbut do you have his number? The quick messaging app is one of the applications that most users have, it is even the one that has the most tricks to improve user interaction.

But now there is a simple trick to be able to hide a contact in WhatsApp without the need for you to delete or block them for life on your mobile phone. How is it done? The steps are quite simple.

The best thing is that it is not necessary to have to download some third-party application or something like that. Everything is done from the same phone.

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How to hide a contact in WhatsApp without deleting or blocking it

  • The first thing you should do is enter the “Contacts” option on your cell phone.
  • At that time you must search for the name of the contact that you want to hide in WhatsApp.
  • When you find it, just hit edit.
  • Now you must remove the prefix of that mobile number, for example, if it has +519XXXXX, you should only leave +9XXXXX.
  • If you do not have a prefix, you must add the symbol “+” at the beginning of the number.
  • That way it will no longer appear in WhatsApp, but you will have it as a contact.
  • You will be able to make calls, but it will not be possible to have it or chat on WhatsApp.
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Remember that so that they do not appear in WhatsApp you must delete the prefix in your contact list. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)

What does the calendar icon with the magnifying glass mean in WhatsApp

  • The calendar icon is present on all cell phones in the world, although you can see it, more notably, on iPhones.
  • To access this icon it is necessary to go to any WhatsApp chat.
  • Then go to the user’s profile.
  • At that moment, click on the magnifying glass and a conversation search engine will be activated.
  • Now you will see the symbol of the magnifying glass with the calendar.
  • Defines the date and time
  • This will take you directly to the first message you exchanged with that person.

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