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WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging service in the world, becoming a surprising application for hackers, which develop various methods to access and steal the personal data of millions of users.

Despite the efforts of the company to protect conversations, its security has continued to be violated, repeatedly criticized for its lack of private life.

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However, there are a number of simple ones tricks which will help you turn your WhatsApp account into a much more secure account, preventing third parties from accessing your private conversations.

Verification in two steps

This WhatsApp feature will allow you to configure a six-digit security PIN, which you will need to enter each time you try to verify the phone number in the application. To activate it, go to Settings <Account <2-step verification <Activate.

Furthermore, by enabling this tool, you can add your email, which will allow WhatsApp to "send you a link to disable the two-step verification in case you forget your six-digit PIN and protect your account. "

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Notifications on the lock screen

To prevent the new messages you receive in WhatsApp can be read through the lock screen of yours smartphone, there is an option to hide the content that can be previewed by notifications.

To activate it on Android, go to Apps and notifications <Notifications <Lock screen <Do not show notifications. On iPhone, log in WhatsApp <Settings <Notifications, where you can turn off visual message alerts.

Application lock

WhatsApp also allows you to block the application with passwords or biometric data. In the iOS version, it is compatible with Touch ID (fingerprint) and Face ID (face recognition) and you can activate it by accessing Settings < Account <Privacy <Screen lock. On Android, go to Settings <Account <Privacy <Fingerprint lock.

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So you can read the deleted messages

Some people usually delete their WhatsApp messages before they are read, this often annoys the recipient, who remains in the doubt of knowing what the deleted text says. If you belong to this group, c & # 39; is a makeup This will fascinate you.

this secret trick, that few people know, allows you to read the deleted WhatsApp messages and if you want to learn them, you have to follow the steps that we show you in the following video that was published in YouTube.

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Watch YouTube videos without leaving the app

WhatsApp presented an important advancement of its "Picture-in-Picture" (PiP) tool, which simplifies watching videos from Youtube from the same chats, that is, it is no longer necessary to exit the app.

This novelty of WhatsApp has arrived for users of android who can continue to play videos of YouTube through a floating window when switching to another chat or even if you leave the platform and access other applications.

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How to hide "online"?

Believe it or not, c & # 39; is a secret trick WhatsApp, which few users know, allows you to hide "online" and "write" to your friends who have contacted you in the instant messaging application.

If you want, you know this fantastic secret trick WhatsApp, which will allow you to be "invisible", so don't hesitate to review the following video, which didn't take long to become a trend in social networks, especially in YouTube.

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How to put video in your states?

If you usually share WhatsApp statuses, but publish only photos, you will be interested to know that there is a secret trick with which you can publish small videos that will be visible for 24 hours, so they will be automatically deleted.

If you want to know secret trick and leave all your WhatsApp contacts speechless, so all you have to do is follow the steps shown in the following video, which has thousands of views in YouTube.

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