WhatsApp: images of state of secret stalking – but espionage has a problem


WhatsApp is testing new features: is it so easy for people to spy on others?

The Messenger service "Whatsapp"has recently announced a new feature designed to allow users to covertly view images of other WhatsApp users, but how does espionage work and what's behind it?

New WhatsApp feature: what's behind the spy update?

The latest feature of the messaging service will probably allow some users to secretly view images of other users' contacts. In the beta version, the "status" section of WhatsApp has probably been redesigned. Here you can share photos or videos with other users. These disappear after a while, but once again.

According to a report from the WAbeta.info industry blog, conditions in the state area have been changed. Previously, the creator of a time-shared content could control who saw his photos or videos – this was modified by the update.

Status area on WhatsApp: what is changing?

With the update, WhatsApp checks the relationship with a so-called "silent" button. Once users activate it, no one will know which images have been viewed. WhatsApp wants to draw more attention to the "status" area with the new feature.

The thing, however, has a grip: The so-called "Invisible" function only applies to the first image you look at. As soon as you look at more than one picture, the author learns this.

Revised WhatsApp features: it's new!

In addition to the "invisible" update, there is news about group chats Whatsapp: So in the latest beta you can write private messages within a group. This means that if you do not want all group members to be able to read content, but you do not want to open a new group, you can send a private message to several members of the group.

In both update cases it remains to be seen which innovations survive the test phase. you

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