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WhatsApp is the application the most used courier on the planet for millions of users Through it they communicate with their friends or family. In this App there are many emoji which we usually share in ours chat to express what we feel at that moment.

One of the many WhatsApp emoji we use in ours chat is that of "thinking face". While users often use it when they don't understand what a friend or family member wrote to you, this emoticon has more than one meaning.

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This WhatsApp emoji, which is represented by a yellow face with rippled eyebrows looking up with the thumb and forefinger resting on the chin, is intended to show a person who reflects or bogs down in their thoughts.

However, the "thinking face" often questions or despises something or someone, as if saying "Hmm, I don't know." The tone of this WhatsApp emoji varies, even serious, playful, baffled, skeptical and mocking.

Unlike other WhatsApp emoji, the "thinking face" can be combined with a thought balloon or a light bulb to represent thought, ideas and learning.

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WhatsApp is one of the applications most used; however, few know the secret tricks the hidden one, one of these lets you know who your partner is chatting with and if you want to learn about this hidden method, then pay close attention.

As you can see in the following video, this WhatsApp trick is only available for phones with an operating system android, so if you have a iPhone or other device developed by appleUnfortunately you won't be able to do it.

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Restore a conversation deleted by mistake

If for any reason you have deleted a WhatsApp conversation with photo is video very important, so you need to know that there is a very simple trick that will allow you to recover them. Next, we'll show you how.

The secret trick, which few people know, only works if the WhatsApp user backed up the instant messaging application. If you meet this requirement, don't hesitate to review this video for more details.



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