WhatsApp is Testing the Edit Message Feature that Has Been Sent, Here’s How

WhatsApp is Testing the Edit Message Feature that Has Been Sent, Here’s How

SUMEKS.CO – Short message application WhatsApp just tested its newest feature, namely editing messages that have been sent.

New features This will be done gradually starting with the Android version of WhatApp. This feature allows WhatsApp users to edit messages that have been sent.

Users will be given 15 minutes from the time the message is sent, to edit.

Quoted from various media that states that messages that have been edited will be automatically updated for everyone involved in the conversation on WhatsApp.

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But with a note, the application used must be in the latest version which is downloaded based on the available devices.

The purpose of this message edit feature is that users can edit the last message sent to fix typos or add more elements for the recipient so that they don’t need to use the delete message feature anymore.

The method is quite easy. Users only need to press the message within a few seconds like using the forward, copy, info and delete features. Now in this section the user will see an edit message button in the options menu.

However, in the message it will be seen that the edited message shows the description “edited” beside the message and shows the recipient that the sender has made changes after sending the text or message.

READ ALSO:WhatsApp is Testing the Edit Message Feature that Has Been Sent, Here’s How

To edit this message, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes to send, so the sender must hurry if he wants to edit the message sent.

This feature released by Whatsapp is currently in the testing phase so it is not certain when this feature will spread to all WhatsApp users.

However, there are reports that the trial feature will be available to all users broadly within a few weeks.

This does not rule out the possibility that this feature will be released or even canceled for various reasons.

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