WhatsApp: message deleted by the partner, so you will get it back

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The Messenger WhatsApp service has, since 2017, a function that allows you to delete messages. So you can still read the deleted messages.

Monaco – In 2017, WhatsApp's messaging service introduced a new feature designed to end the suffering of many users struggling to automatically correct their mobile phones. Because messages that contain embarrassing spelling errors or have been sent too quickly, they can simply since
be canceled.

WhatsApp: can you read the deleted messages in hindsight?

All you have to do is tap the message you want to delete and then delete it with the trash can icon at the top of the screen. This function can be particularly useful if a message was accidentally sent to the wrong recipient. But are deleted messages really deleted forever or is it possible to read what is written after deletion?

First of all, let me tell you: WhatsApp messages are not permanently deleted. Although it is not very easy to visualize them again, it is still impossible. Because the messaging service essentially stores the chat logs of its users, so that they can keep their messages, even if they change their mobile phone. If, for example, you receive a message from your partner that you delete a little later, you can still read it after deleting.

Show again the deleted WhatsApp messages: the quote offers a possibility

For example, if someone quoted a message before it was deleted, the original message is no longer displayed, but the quoted version can still be viewed. The WhatsApp citation function is used by dragging the desired message to the right edge of the screen. The selected message is then displayed in quotation marks above the respective reply.

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But even without the quote, WhatsApp messages can still be displayed after deletion. Like the portal Techbook.de reports, by downloading third-party apps, you can create your chat logs that contain the complete message history. These can therefore be viewed without problems and also contain deleted messages later. However, only if those apps were already installed on the phone when the message you want to read later was deleted.

WhatsApp: shows messages again after deletion: apps make it possible

An example of this app is "Notification History Log". However, the installation of this app allows you to access all WhatsApp data. If you are worried about the security of your data, you should be careful here.

Furthermore, there is another possibility on the Internet, how to display deleted WhatsApp messages again. For this it is necessary to activate the development options of the operating system (only with Android possible) and therefore – at least in theory – directly access WhatsApp data.

WhatsApp messages deleted: show again via developer options

To activate the developer options, it is necessary to select the sub-items "Information on the telephone" and "Information on the software" in the general settings. In the displayed submenu, press the "build number" item several times in rapid succession until a pop-up message appears. You have now enabled the options for developers.

So you should be able to access the "notification settings" on the text file "android.text", which includes chat logs, including deleted messages. However, this trick does not always work only on some Android devices.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has announced three other features to simplify the operation of the app.



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