WhatsApp New Features Make it Easy for Admins to Manage Group Members


WhatsApp announced two new features to enhance the browsing experience group. One of the features that makes it easier for admins to control who is allowed to join the group.

In its blog post, WhatsApp said it wanted to give more control for admins to maintain the privacy of their groups. Because of this, WhatsApp released a feature that allows admins to choose who can join the group.

When a group admin shares their group invite link, or makes their group accept members in the community, admins can now access all requests to join the group in one place.

With this feature, admins can click the checkmark to accept user requests to join the group, or the ‘X’ mark to reject the request.

“Groups are where people have their most intimate conversations and it’s important for admins to be able to easily decide who can and can’t log in,” WhatsApp said in its blog post, as quoted detikINET, Thursday (23/3/2023).

WhatsApp also said it would make it easier for users to find out which groups other users are in common with. This application made by Meta allows users to search for contact names to see groups that are both followed.

“Whether you’re trying to remember the name of a group that you know you shared with someone or you want to see which groups you’re both involved in, you can now easily look up a contact’s name to see groups in common,” explained WhatsApp.

These two features were launched not long after WhatsApp released the Communities feature which can combine multiple groups in one container. Communities brings lots of new features including controls for admins, support for sub-groups and group announcements, phone and video calls for up to 32 people, larger file sharing, and more.

Communities of WhatsApp can accommodate up to 50 groups at once, and one WhatsApp group can now be filled with 1,024 people. Due to the increasing capacity of groups, WhatsApp released these two features to make groups easier for admins to manage.

These two new features for WhatsApp groups will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks to all users around the world.

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