WhatsApp news: how to block a contact without realizing it

The instant messaging application WhatsApp became in recent years the most important communication channel for millions of people. According to company data, there are already 2 billion people who use the messaging application on a daily basis.

Although the massiveness of WhatsApp it’s not always good news: many users do not use the application properly and problems are generated through the application so users block these contacts. In the latter case, the person may find that was blocked because you can no longer see the status or profile picture of your contact, as he was unable to establish communication.

How to block someone without their knowledge

The trick to stop receiving notifications, calls and more than one contact, is doing the following simple steps that they do not require downloading an extra application. In addition, the contact in question will not be notified or realize that they have been blocked.

-First you must enter the app WhatsApp.

-Then you must choose the contact in question.

-Subsequently, the option must be selected silence and forever found in the upper right tab.

-Finally, to no longer see it in the chats you can delete conversation O file.

By performing these steps, even if the person continues to send posts, try to make voice or video calls your notifications will not arrive as it will be muted forever and you will also not know that it was discreetly locked.


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