WhatsApp perfect for cheaters? This feature that changes everything

Is cheating getting easier and easier? Certainly with this new feature offered by WhatsApp. “No more wives will be able to look into telephones,” it reads.

THE infidels are already jubilant… while those who used to search their partner’s phone are worried. There new feature of WhatsApp makes it possible to hide certain conversations: and this will certainly cause mayhem within couples.

Chat Lock: what is this new feature?

“Chat Lock” is the newest feature of WhatsApp, the instant messaging application. Concretely, it allows you to create separate folders, accessible only by secret code, facial recognition or digital print. Penetrate digital intimacy of a person has never been so difficult!

For Meta, it is a “layer of security additional” Who “will protect your most intimate conversations”. But that’s not all, the company claims that this feature will be “ideal for people who have reasons to share their phone from time to time with a member of the family or the times when someone else holds your phone at the exact moment where an extra special conversation happens”.

Pour enable lock of a conversation WhatsApp, all you have to do is go to any conversation, and select “Chat Lock” from your conversation settings. For now, the functionality is in “deployment course” in France and will be truly functional on all devices by the summer. With WhatsApp, privacy is therefore better and better protected, even if, for some, this new function may sound like a kind of apology of adultery.

Chat Lock, fully behind the infidels?

If the new feature allows you to hide your intimate conversations from the most curious people around you, many users have joked about the possibility for infidels to be always more discreet. “The realm of deception has just entered a whole new level of sophistication and advancement. Thank you for enlightening us with this intriguing information.”wrote on Facebook a user after Mark Zuckerberg announced the news.

“It is the best thing that you have done. No more wives will be able to look into telephones”comments another user. “Good luck and well done Mr. Mark. Even more divorces and breakups, quipped another. It remains to be seen how WhatsApp users will take advantage of this new feature…

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2023-05-18 05:02:02

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