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WhatsApp is the application WhatsApp-web-already-works-although-your-phone-is-off-How-to-activate-20211105-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> leader in the market of the instant messaging, is closely followed by other platforms such as Telegram O WhatsApp-web-already-works-although-your-phone-is-off-How-to-activate-20211105-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> Signal. The service owned by Meta, before Facebook, has more than 2,000 million users on the planet and has become one of the main communication tools since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and forced almost everyone to stay home to take care of the virus that killed more than 5 million people.

This is how WhatsApp became a Work tool, was molded to be a study partner, strengthened family ties and allowed shorten great distances. However, for some users it became a headache for the arrival of notifications outside of working hours or while you are sleeping.

To avoid these situations, WhatsApp has WhatsApp-those-are-the-ten-tricks-to-hide-in-the-application-and-have-more-privacy-20210821-0026.html “target =” _ blank “> some tricks kept under the sleeve so that users pass through the application without being detected. Although the app can cause headaches, it is also in WhatsApp-the-7-new-functions-that-arrive-in-2022-and-that-are-going-to-revolutionize-the-application-20211119-0032.html “target =” _ blank “> constant update to improve the experience of its users and thus stay on top of the instant messaging market.

How to activate the “invisible mode” of WhatsApp?

With the following steps the users of WhatsApp they will be able to activate the “invisible mode” and disappear from the application without others noticing.

1. Enter the desktop of your mobile device.

2. Press anywhere on the screen for two seconds.

3. The “widgets” section will appear, press and go to the option where it appears WhatsApp.

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4. Choose the box where the messages of WhatsApp and accommodate it somewhere on the screen where you can see several messages at the same time.

5. With the arrival of a new message notification, it can be read without having to enter the application.

If this is not enough, users can place a invisible name O blank states. In both cases, third-party applications must be used. Also, for those who want to have even more privacy within the application, they can deactivate the famous seen (the double blue tick) or deactivate the last connection time.

As for the last connection time, this does not apply to when users are “online”, in those cases it is convenient to have the view disabled, in order to avoid responding, reading the message and then marking it as “unread” if it is. does not require an urgent response or simply does not feel like responding.


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