WhatsApp Tests the Reaction Feature on Android

Jakarta – WhatsApp is testing the newest feature they have developed, namely the reaction feature, this feature will be tested first in the beta version of the WhatsApp application on Android. This information comes from the WABetaInfo report of beta version which has already started to be released.

For the last few months WhatsApp, which is a subsidiary of Meta, is indeed developing this feature. As the name implies, this feature can react to messages that have been received like an application Facebook serta Direct Message (DM) Intagram.

This feature previously existed on Facebook, which can respond to posts or comment fields. By presenting this feature, users can find out whether the message gets a response by others or not.

WhatsApp initially had no plans to announce the presence of this feature to its users. But finally the company from Meta started to develop this feature in version Ios beta version and is currently being developed on Android users.

The presence of this feature is still unknown when it will officially be present, because it is currently still in the testing phase and the reaction feature is still being distributed gradually in the WhatsApp beta version. Later, this feature can also be done in private or group chats.

The reaction feature on messages for chat applications like this is fairly new. Generally, chat applications only provide the usual features such as replies, forwards, and emoji stickers.

In addition, the WhatsApp application cannot be used on some smartphones, it announced that it will stop support for those who are still using the old Android operating system, namely, OS 4.0.4. This support has been discontinued on November 1, 2021.

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In addition to the reaction feature, recently WhatsApp has continued to make fairly fast updates to optimize the application, including the feature to hide the last seen feature for certain contacts.

The existence of intense competition with the development of other chat applications is also one of the factors for WhatsApp to continue developing this application. Moreover, there were rumors of the spread of user data some time ago.

(Ranutyas Djati Kusuma)

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