WhatsApp Web, this is why you shouldn’t open it on your work computer

If you usually use WhatsApp on your work computerYou better think twice.

When is it used WhatsApp On the computer it is a great option to facilitate our work, but be careful, you should not use it anywhere and much less in a public place or, worse still, at work.

You don’t know if your conversations are completely protected. Your private information could be in evidence, leading to a cyber attack.

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If because of the rush you decided to run out of the office and forgot to log out, then anyone could log onto your computer and open the app.

What are the dangers you face?

WhatsApp Web closes until you give the order on your mobile device. Even if you are miles away, if your session has not been closed, anyone could enter through the computer, that way the messages will continue to arrive in real time.

There are companies that monitor what they do on your computers

Some companies monitor what happens on the screens of workers through software and if you are one of those who are used to opening conversations, it is very likely that someone is reading at the same time as you.

Also if the smartphone or computer that you use were provided by the company, it is likely that they are adapted so that they can be observed.

If both computers are yours, be careful with the network you connect to because it could be configured to collect user data and thus observe all the activity you carry out, including incoming and outgoing messages from WhatsApp.

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If you think it for your girlfriend and maybe you have nothing to hide, it is important to maintain your privacy because any unexpected detail could serve as evidence to lose your job.

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