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I’ve been almost completely ungoogled on Youtube for about five years now. There is, of course, no alternative to that. (if you want to see something that is only on Youtube, stop it of course)

From Meta I only have WhatsApp. From a functional point of view, this dependence is of course not so bad. (Apart from what kind of reprehensible company is behind the product. That’s a different discussion, because even if you use a chat app from “PrivacyAreUs” then you are still dependent on that one party).

Spreading chat systems will of course not solve your problem with dependencies, because your goal is not the app, but communication with a person, government or organization, for example.

Suppose your family uses WhatsApp, your municipality Telegram, Your colleagues Signal, etc. etc.
Then you are still dependent on WhatsApp for your family, Telegram for the municipality, etc. etc. etc.
Ultimately, of course, no one is “completely dependent” on (for example) WhatsApp alone. Suppose that Meta is going to do very strange things with the product, which ‘the public’ does not like, then they will switch. For WhatsApp five others. People are really not loyal to a chat app, but everyone has to switch to the same app at that one moment, because nobody wants to have 5 chat apps on their device, and have to switch continuously between those apps . If in time the apps can communicate with me/through each other (ie I’m [email protected], and you are [email protected] or something) that will shatter.

At the bottom, as indicated above, the tool itself is not the goal. The tool facilitates a need. Regardless of which tool one will use, there will therefore be a dependency on a tool. And the dependence on person A is completely separate from the dependence on person B.

The same applies at the bottom of the line for an internet explorer. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. etc. They are all (in a nutshell) interchangeable with each other. One thinks A works better, the other B. They all basically do the same thing (display web pages and play web apps) only the extras differ a bit. The scout in question is not the goal, but the means.

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