WhatsApp will stop working with these mobile phone models: El Nuevo Dia.com


The application of instant messaging Whatsapp they will meet next year his tenth anniversary, since its launch in January 2009.

During all this time, the platform has had several versions and updates, with which the old cell models have run out of support for the app.

This time it will not be the exception, e the company announced that versions of some operating systems will no longer have support for the service and may stop working.

One of these is the model Nokia S40, which will no longer be possible to use the application starting from 1 January 2019.

Likewise, the owners of a iPhone 4 (published in 2010) that has been updated only until iOS 7, will cease to work in February 2020.

This list also includes Android phones version of the operating system 2.3.7 Gingerbread or previous, which will also have WhatsApp only until February 2020.

WhatsApp will offer the ability to back up the conversation history via email or cloud storage, depending on the operating system.

To store this history, WhatsApp must be requested, through its configurations, to make a backup copy. This will take three days.

This mechanism can be used in One Drive and iCloud cloud storage services.



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