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If you are a recurring user of WhatsApp, you may have noticed that your contacts can tell when you’re active. Well, recently, it was confirmed that a way to hide this detail is being worked on. In this way, you can give your account more privacy so that it is not disturbed by strangers or some people who could harass you.

In the “Settings” section you will find different customization options to be able to use WhatsApp stealthily. You can hide your profile picture from strangers or decide who can read your description.

Well, WhatsApp Beta is working on a tool to “Hide online status”. It will appear in the same “Privacy” section and will be named “Last seen / Online”.

When entering, you will have to select between “Everyone”, “My contacts”, “My contacts except” and “No one”. In this way, you can configure who can see the last time you connected to WhatsApp.

Last year, WhatsApp started automatically hiding the last seen of contacts you never chatted with, to prevent third-party apps from monitoring our last seen and online status. Unfortunately, people we already chatted with could still see when we were online, but thanks to the new “who can see when I’m online” privacy setting, they won’t be able to anymore.”, details the WaBetainfo medium.

WhatsApp’s new privacy option: who can see when I’m online?

WhatsApp’s new privacy option: who can see when I’m online? Photo: WaBetainfo

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