When Apple Watch Series 4 sends its first users to the hospital: WatchGeneration


With the release of watchOS 5.1.2, US users of Apple Watch Series 4 have access to the new ECG application that we presented in detail yesterday (read: Apple Watch Series 4: Overview of the ECG application in French).

Video demonstration of the ECG app. After 30 seconds, she gives a verdict: well, everything is fine.

Since then, some have started to try it. In most cases, the results are positive as shown in the video above, in others the answer is not necessarily as expected. This is the case of this person who tested this function on the night of the release of watchOS 5.1.2. First he receives a notification that drives him to do an ECG to make sure he has no atrial fibrillation. It is therefore the test and Apple Watch is formal: its user suffers from atrial fibrillation.

In the beginning, the user gets angry with his watch, accusing the firmware of being buggy. He makes several tests on each wrist, but nothing to do, the verdict is always the same.

If in doubt, take the test with his wife. And here, the Apple Watch verdict is quite different. His heart works perfectly. In case of doubt, this user goes to the emergency room. We have the courage to imagine the scene when it arrives, explaining that it has a connected watch, which has just been updated and that somehow orders it to go to the hospital … We certainly had to make it big!

In the meantime, this person was entitled to an electrocardiogram in the rules of art and Apple Watch was not mistaken: his heart was beating irregularly. Moral of the story declared by the doctor to his patient: " You should buy Apple stock. He probably saved your life. " The doctor was aware of the availability of this feature on Apple Watch. If he expected to see such cases landed in the hospital, he did not think it would happen the day after his release.

Rest assured that this person is now being treated and is now being treated. For those interested, the person has published the electrocardiogram made in hospital and two others made at the Apple Watch.

Here is the ECG made with Apple Watch
And another more "traditional"

It will be remembered that for the moment this feature is only available in the United States. Unlike other features such as Apple News, for example, Apple has damned blocked access to this feature. To use it, it is imperative that Apple Watch was purchased in the United States (read: The Apple Watch ECG application is really limited only to the United States).

The manufacturer would be in discussion with various health authorities (in particular in Canada and Europe) to validate their ECG. People who are very worried about this topic are asking Tim Cook on social networks to work very hard!



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