When bad leaders make good sub-chefs


Cats do not make dogs, except perhaps for managers. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, tyrannical leaders provoke in some of their subordinates a feeling of "disidentification", the fact of saying to themselves: "I am not the same thing, I would do otherwise in its place. it's what they do.

465 people participated in this study. In one of the experiments, the subordinates were asked to present a simple idea during a meeting. Their leader, therefore, "He was irritated, ridiculed and denigrated their ideas" in front of their colleagues and in terms of ridiculous authoritarianism: "If you keep getting bored, you risk losing your job!"

The manager's performance was then evaluated by the participants in order to encourage them to put their reaction at a distance, to "de-identify". Thus, the participants had to exchange with their subordinates who asked them how ideas would be received from the hierarchy. The subjects then tended to declare that they did not "It did not sound like the general manager and […] who did not share any of his values ​​". But are the conditions of the study not ideal conditions?

Rémy Demichelis


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