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Thrissur ∙ When actor Kochu Preman comes to mind, ‘Valiya Preman’ who is responsible for that name is here, right next to Kochu Preman’s house – Thiruvananthapuram Peyad. He died in his bed due to a bike accident in November 1996 and his memory still lives among the locals. Valiya Preman was an actor and acted in films and plays.

KR Full name is Premkumar. He acted in notable roles in the films Yuvajanotsavam, Ayirapara, Dilliwala Rajakumaran, Acharya and Ayirapara. Vaali Preman also played the role of a policeman who comes to arrest Mohanlal in the movie Kalapani.

When he was looking for a job as a conductor in KSRTC, he resigned and entered theater due to his passion for art. Active in Thiruvananthapuram Sangh Chetana. Plays like Suryagatha Paatavam, Jataveda Mizhithurakoo, Swathi Thirunal and Vamsam were notable. Meanwhile, he is acting in plays together with Kochupreman.

At that time both of them were known as Preman. Manorama published yesterday that Kochu Preman revealed that his name was changed to Kochu Preman and the second name to Valiya Preman after this created confusion in the theaters.

There is still a warm friendship between their neighboring families. Valiyapreman’s wife Geetha, sons Chinnan and Mithun and Preman’s younger brother Prasanna’s family are present in the Peyad house. Actor Indrans recalled that Valiya Preman was once a promising actor.

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