When ODGJ Becomes a Troublemaker and Annoys the Society…

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Not long ago, a man named Yudo Andreawan went on a rampage at Manggarai Station, South Jakarta.

After causing trouble at a number of public facilities, Yudo was canceled because he was said to have a mental disorder, namely bipolar. Yudo was referred to a mental hospital.

Investigators transferred Yudo’s detention to further treatment at a psychiatric hospital, on the recommendation of a team of doctors at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta.

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The chaos that people with mental disorders (ODGJ) have done is actually not the first time it has happened. Previously, ODGJ also abused a female student in Tangerang, Banten, Friday (31/3/2023).

Not long ago, an elderly woman (elderly) was stabbed with scissors by her neighbor who was suspected of being ODGJ in Depok, Thursday (18/5/2023). Kompas.com tries to summarize the chaos caused by ODGJ:

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Elderly stabbed by ODGJ in Depok

An elderly man with the initials R (61) died after being stabbed with scissors by his neighbor in the West Bulak Village area, Cipayung, Depok, Thursday (18/5/2023).

Head of Public Relations of the Depok Police, AKP Elni Fitri, said the perpetrator was a man with the initials I (28) who lived next door to the victim’s house.

The victim, who suffered a stab wound to his back, fell while trying to escape from the perpetrators. The perpetrators are suspected to be ODGJ.

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At the same time, I again stabbed the victim several times causing serious injuries to the back and neck. R died on arrival at the hospital.

A schoolgirl’s throat was slashed

NS (16) is one of the many people who become the target of the uncontrollable behavior of people with mental disorders (ODGJ).

The neck of the junior high school (SMP) student was slashed while in the CSW Transjakarta bus stop area, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday (8/5/2023).

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There was no clear reason why NS was targeted until the police finally declared the perpetrators as people with mental disorders (ODGJ).

“Based on the narrative of the perpetrator’s family, BS is suspected of having a mental disorder or ODGJ. He has also often been treated for medication and indeed does not go to school,” said the Kebayoran Baru Police Chief, Kompol Tribuana Roseno, Tuesday (9/5/2023).

Make trouble in public facilities

Yudo started to become a hot topic of discussion in the community after he was involved in an argument and fuss with other train passengers at Manggarai Station, in early April 2023.

The video showing Yudo getting angry and involved in the commotion was widely circulated on social media. After that, information about Yudo, who often caused trouble, began to appear.

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Yudo is said to have repeatedly caused commotion in many places and disturbed many parties. However, Yudo was eventually released because he was said to have bipolar disorder.

Harassing female students in Tangerang

ODGJ also had an act in Tangerang, Banten. A minor was harassed in the B 09 city transportation (public transportation), on Friday (31/3/2023).

The perpetrator had the initials RJ alias O (42). After being secured, RJ was found to be ODGJ. This statement was also strengthened by a doctor’s certificate.

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Because the perpetrator was known to be ODGJ, the police returned the perpetrator to his family to continue his treatment.

The student was harassed when she was going home from school with her friends. The victim’s leg was touched, one of the victim’s friends recorded the incident. The video has also gone viral on social media.

Cipayung Police Headquarters was attacked

The man with the initials AP (33) allegedly attacked the Cipayung Sector Police (Polsek), East Jakarta, while carrying a machete on Friday (10/3/2023) afternoon.

The man came and immediately cursed and threatened the police, especially those wearing uniforms.

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The sharp weapon (sajam) was used to damage the glass of the official car, as well as several doors.

Head of the East Jakarta Metro Resort Police (Kapolres), Big Commissioner (Kombes) Budi Sartono said the perpetrator was suspected to be an ODGJ.

(Authors : Muhammad Isa Bustomi, Firda Janati, Tria Sutrisna | Editors : Irfan Maullana, Jessi Carina, Novianti Setuningsih)

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