When Pablo Escobar planned to kidnap Michael Jackson at the Hacienda Napoles

The Napoles hacienda of the late drug trafficker Pablo Escobar was the center of operations for several of his irregular businesses as head of the Medellín cartel, but it was also the favorite recreation space for his family. Escobar invested millions of dollars to turn it into a kind of theme park with racing cars, jet skis, a bullring and his own zoo. They also planned to kidnap Michael Jackson at this farm.

Before the estate was confiscated in 1990, Escobar was planning to bring Michael Jackson, who he was a fan of, on one of his private planes to give his family a music show. However, the plan included that after the concert Jackson stayed on the farm for several days, kidnapped.

This theory was confirmed by Escobar’s son, who admitted on Argentine television, while promoting his book “Pablo Escobar in Fraganti”, that the drug trafficker wanted to kidnap the “King of Pop”.

“It all seemed very normal because we had the private landing strip there, the soccer field very close for him to set up his concert and I saw logistics as easy for him to arrive and do his concert and return to his country, but my father immediately, automatically occurs to him that he would invite him to stay and that leaving the Hacienda Napoles would cost him 60 million dollars, ”said Juan Pablo Escobar in an interview with TN Argentina.

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The 3,000-hectare hacienda had previously been the scene of other artists hired by Escobar, but Juan Pablo, then just a preteen, wanted the gift of seeing and listening to his musical idol.

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Escobar turned his Hacienda Napoles into a park of amusements and a zoo.

“This arises from the fact that I, tired of seeing the same artists at Hacienda Nápoles, tell him why we did not bring someone of international stature and he (Pablo) accepts me. I suggest Michael Jackson as a possible character, because I was a fan and my father liked him too. The idea seemed good to him, ”he said.

However, the idea of ​​the capo was not only to let him go with the payment of the service, but he planned to charge him 60 million dollars to agree to free the star.

“The cost of a private concert was not known, but later with his Machiavellian mind inclined towards evil, he said to me ‘yes, I am going to invite him’ (…) I wanted to bring him, pay him, to sing and after he pays him to let him leave where he had come to sing. “

Finally, the kidnapping never occurred because that same year the hacienda was expropriated by the Colombian State after a long judicial battle, and after other struggles against criminal organizations.


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