When the Taliban Fighters Go to Playgrounds Even though Travel Is Prohibited


The ban from the Taliban’s defense minister, Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob, appears not to have been enforced yet. Recently, hundreds of fighters Taliban enjoy the holiday by visiting a popular tourist destination in the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan.

How about the vacation story of the Taliban fighters? detikcom summarizes the following review as reported by Reuters, Sunday (10/10/2021).

Traveling Taliban Fighters

On Friday (8/10) Taliban fighters traveled to the Qargha reservoir, near Kabul. The reservoir is a popular tourist location where various other recreational facilities are available, such as water boats to a golf course.

The visits by the Taliban fighters come during their holiday, following months of conflict and weeks of security duties since the Taliban took power in mid-August.

“I feel very happy to come to Kabul and to be able to visit Qargha for the first time. People welcome me and my friends in a friendly manner,” Halimi, 24, a Taliban member from Maidan Wardak province told Reuters and asked not to give Full Name.

Even with the holiday agenda, they are still fully armed. Some also seemed to relax sipping tea around the location while buying snacks.

While other members seemed to be queuing up to try various other amusement park rides, such as kora-kora to merry-go-round.

Apart from Halimi, there is also another Taliban member named Ziaul Haq. She looks radiant as she goes on the piggyback rides.


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