“When we see children growing up in poor families in Wallonia and Brussels, we have something to be enraged”

Our guest mentioned in particular the expenses and the state budget, giving Vivaldi a bad rating from the outset after about a year in power. “What has been done to support the purchasing power of households is good, but what has been done in terms of reforming the country is much worse”, he comments.

This week, the government must start the calculations for the 2022 budget. Étienne de Callataÿ is rather optimistic for this exercise. “The economist is always optimistic but he is critical. And he is enraged because there is always way to do better. I am enraged because I see that in Wallonia, one in four children grows up in a poor family and in Brussels we talk 40%, we must be enraged. What the authorities must do? Have a better education, fairer and more efficient. Our social security must be seriously reviewed, our taxation also as well as our labor market. “, advances the economist.

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