When Will KIB Announce the Candidates for President and Vice President in 2024?


Plt Ketum PPP Mardiono revealed the party in United Indonesia Coalition (KIB) will hold a meeting this week to finalize the presidential and vice presidential candidates they will carry in 2024. So when will KIB announce the presidential and vice presidential candidates?

Deputy Head of the Golkar Party, Melchias Marcus Mekeng, said that the determination of the presidential and vice presidential candidates for KIB was still far away. Both Golkar, PAN, and PPP will first form a small team.

“I don’t think it’s just a meeting, the meeting will form a team, the team will work on making the TOR, all kinds of things, it’s still long, why hurry, people are still taking too long,” Mekeng told reporters, Monday ( 30/1/2023).



Mekeng assessed that KIB would not be in a rush to determine the presidential and vice presidential candidates. According to him, conducting interpersonal meetings is normal.

“Everything can happen, so there’s no need to rush, it’s normal to meet. In my opinion, even if there is a decision, a small team will be formed first,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Waketum of PANN Viva Yoga said that the KIB meeting in the near future would formulate the determination of the candidate to be carried. Each party will submit the names of its candidates.

“The KIB leadership will meet in the near future to discuss and formulate the determination of the pair of candidates to be carried in the 2024 presidential election. Each political party in KIB will submit the names of potential candidates at the KIB meeting. Whoever the names will be will be notified later,” he said .

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Viva emphasized that PAN proposed its general chairman, Zulkifli Hasan. It is possible that he will also nominate cadres outside the party, one of which is SOE Minister Erick Thohir.

“What is certain is that PAN will nominate its own cadres, namely PAN chairman Zulkifli Hasan to be nominated for KIB. Meanwhile, there are many outside the cadres, including Erick Thohir,” he said.

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