When will there be a turning point in the war? Defense expert – about fighter jets for Ukraine, Xi’s visit to Moscow and criticism of US Republicans

15min G. Jeglinskas, who visited the studio on Friday, is a graduate of the prestigious West Point Military Academy and former Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

He is currently an expert at the Center for Eastern European Studies and the Atlantic Council, a US research center.

In the interview, G. Jeglinskas reviewed the strategic picture of the war, starting with the situation of the Western defense industry and ending with the message sent by the popular governor of Florida to the Ukrainians and Russians.

intervened we have

  • The course of a debilitating war
  • Supply of fighter jets to Ukraine
  • The establishment of the Western defense industry
  • Statements by Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump
  • China’s role in the war
  • Collision between a fighter jet and a drone in the Black Sea

– The Ukrainians report that the pace of the Russian offensive on the Donbass front has slowed down due to heavy losses. What are the most important factors that will determine the course of the war in the coming months, spring and summer?

– We have to see both sides. Both sides are exhausted and have their own challenges.

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