Where does Liverpool and Manchester United end? Supercom predicts the next season’s Premier League champions along with the top 10 of the table.

artificial intelligence processing system Supercomputer from Ladbrokes, England’s leading pool shop. Skip long shots all the way to the end. premier league Next season 2023/24 that Manchester City will continue to win the championship for 4 consecutive years while Liverpool and Manchester United both reached the finish line in the top four together

The Premier League 2022/23 has concluded many points. Both champions like Manchester City, Arsenal and Newcastle went to the UEFA Champions League with Manchester United only needing one more point from the last 2 games to hit the CLL ticket while in the end zone. Southampton were the first to be relegated, leaving Everton, Leeds United and Leicester City the only trio to fight for just one team.

And although this season will still be left in the queue this weekend Plus two more games left in the middle of the week, but Ladbrokes supercomputers have already processed the conclusions of next season.

Summary of next season’s Premier League from Supercom also results that the championship match will still come out as the same face as Man City and Arsenal and the result will come out again as well, Man. City won the championship for 4 years in a row, while Arsenal played the runner-up for another year.

In third place is Liverpool, who has returned to win tickets to the Champions League again, while in fourth place is Manchester United, which means that Chelsea, Newcastle and Spurs are all heartbroken to play in the small cup. ranked 5-6-7 respectively.

However, this trip Supercom’s predictions are limited to the top 10 only, when at this time still not getting all members of the top league. With the playoff championship final between Luton Town and Coventry City still remaining on May 27, who will follow Burnley and Sheffield United for promotion?

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