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Which breed of dog fits your zodiac sign?


Each zodiac sign gives a person a series of special character traits. It often happens that we find each other due to the zodiacal incompatibility, which is why even when choosing a pet, in uznayvse.ru we recommend taking into account the horoscope, on the basis of which the recommendations, which dog to choose exactly their zodiac sign.


The Aries is naturally independent and decisive. They say that women embody the stereotypical masculine qualities of this fiery sign: ambition and self-sufficiency, and Aries men often become leaders, achieving success in any activity, whatever they may undertake. For such strong people, you need a companion who does not give in to the character, and the alabai is just such a dog. A large dog can reach 100 kilograms, is calm, but at the right time can always counterattack, but should not take stubbornness, just like his master.


Male bull is calm, and often also secret and non-sociable, the women of this sign are more often more expressive, but still have a peace-loving character. Taurus is so comfortable alone with himself that it is not necessary to start a pet. However, if he decides, the dog should not require much attention and be independent. The ideal option is indoor dogs, for example, a Yorkshire terrier, which is not even necessary to walk.


The nature of Gemini women is changeable: the good disposition is replaced by a warm temperament and strong scandals; even the men of this sign are not late and they can often also change the orientations of life, not to mention the mood. These people need someone equally ambiguous, for example, a notorious African Basenji, which, with its extravagance and stubbornness, will not allow the owner to relax.


Male patients are the main family men in the zodiac world: they take care of husbands and fathers who love spending time at home in a quiet and comfortable environment. Cancer women are also true custodians of the hearth, they often do not like parties. The royal poodle will become a member of the family for Rakov, will fulfill any command and will agree with the children.


Astrologers believe that Leo is one of the underestimated signs of the zodiac, as many call, for example, representatives of men of this sign excessively egocentric and vain, and in fact these signs of fire are full of positive traits. The male lions are very proactive and want the best not only for themselves but also for their loved ones, and the Lioness have an active lifestyle and kindness. So people need the best dog in everything – Doberman. Beautiful, majestic, dangerous, but docile friend.


Men-Virgos, as well as women, are representative of this sign, have a large number of positive qualities: they are conscientious, non-confrontational, thrifty and take care of their loved ones, but at the same time Virgos are often boring and inculcated on nonsense . The dachshund will force the owner to distract, demanding games and dragging himself for a walk.


Exactly as far as Libra is thinking outside the box, fair and delicate, so are snobs. The men of this brand are often lazy and the women are too flawed. Furthermore, Libra is prone to inconstancy and doubt. The Japanese dog Siba-Inu will not give the owners doubts: he always knows what he wants, but wants, like Scales, the best.


The abundance of the internal contradictions of scorpions makes their lives not easy: men in their effort to achieve success are often workaholics who do not have time to spend time at rest, and Scorpio in an attempt to be both an excellent employee and a good wife and mother completely forget about themselves. The ever-smiling corgi defuses the atmosphere that is heating up next to the Scorpion and will be ready to run with the business owner and lie down on the couch all day.


Sagittarius loves adventure and travel. The men of this sign are very energetic and literally can not sit in one place, and women: Sagittarius is one of the few who is willing to bear any discomfort in order to see the whole world. The devoted and robust followers will be the best companions, ready to travel tens of kilometers in an excursion or simply to reach the owner by bike in the park.


Astrologers warn that Capricorn women must work hard on themselves so that natural hysteria and the tendency to melancholy do not take the upper hand. The men of this sign can even enter into fanaticism and be an expert even of crazy ideas. Therefore, Capricorns need someone who brings in his life a bit of stability, tranquility and comfort. Well, who can handle this better than a chow-chow teddy bear?


The women of Aquarius are extravagant natures, they love unusual activities, vivid and shocking images. Not even men are late, and it is precisely the representatives of this sign that often become stylists and stylists. A pet should be gripping the same opinions as its owner, and the Chinese crest will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.


The fish are dreamers: the women of this filigree are very soft, feminine, even a little otherworldly, and men have become known as one of the most desirable companions of life thanks to their sensitivity and devotion. Gentle Pisces needs a dog that will be a good friend, ready to walk for hours in quiet places and not have a complicated character, for example, a retriever is an obedient dog and a family man.

Every dog ​​will become your faithful friend and the best companion, if you educate correctly and, above all, love. You can find out which four-legged breeds are the most popular in Russia, you can from our breed index.
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